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Why choose us?


All our houses are built to an exceptional standard of fit and finish and we never cut corners. This is why we stand out from the crowd.  If something is cheap, there is usually a reason for it, and to ensure your home is built to last, we use only the highest quality materials.


Treharne Homes is accredited and meets the highest professional standard, meaning you can buy with confidence.  

Scanidnavian Timber

We use only Scandinavian pressure treated timber, which has been grown from sustainably managed forests. You may wonder why we don't use UK timber, this is because Scandinavian wood is grown slowly so it has fewer knots and is a straighter plank of wood when it is processed, than cheaper UK timber.


We use a high quality stronger galvanised screw-nails for all our timber frame projects. Though more expensive than ordinary timber nails, they have ridges in them which means there is less flexibility in the frame and a tighter fit between panels.

Insulating Membrane

Each timber frame panel is wrapped in a membrane which protects the timber from condensation and damage from the elements. We wrap our material in top quality foil backed insulating membrane. This not only provides the protection your home needs, but also improves the thermal qualities of your home, keeping heating costs down. 

Build Quality

In the construction of our timber framed panels we do not leave any unnecessary gaps or voids in the construction. This ensures greater structural rigidity and improves the thermal qualities of our panels. 

See for yourself. 


If you would like to see for yourself the high standard of workmanship to our projects please get in touch.  We would be more than happy to take you around our current projects and put you in touch with past customers of Treharne Homes. You can also see our portfolio and read the client testamonials.


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